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New Tooling for
Existing Production

Your part is in production. You need to upgrade tooling or duplicate existing tooling.

Casting From
Design Concept

Your new drawing is complete or needs refining. You are looking for a production facility.

Gray Iron Castings
Using Existing Tooling

You have a new drawing, tooling needs to be developed, or samples need to be made.


Our state-of-the art foundry produces gray iron castings by combining a century of experience with modern equipment and technical expertise.  We are ISO certified (ISO 9000), the internationally recognized standard for quality assurance.

The foundry brings together these capabilities:

sparks Melting Capacity -
Cupola furnace - 70 tons per hour
Two (2) vertical channel holding furnaces 145 ton combined capacity Pressure pour furnaces on our Disamatic lines and high production centrifugal casting machines.

We typically pour gray iron castings that meet ASTM and SAE specifications for Class 25, Class 30, Class 35, Class 40 requirements.

Weight range-
1 to 600 pounds

2 Disamatic 2013-B with automatic pouring (21" x 26" plate size)
1 Roberts Sinto FBO III (20" x 24" plate size)
1 Herman Molding Machine - automated cope and drag line (30" x 48" flask size)

Laempe L-20 Core Making Capacity -
Shell Core
  • Shalco U 180
  • Shalco U 360
  • B & P 5 FSP 10 A
Cold Box Equipment
  • Laempe L-20
  • Laempe L-40
  • Laempe L-50

Pattern Shop -
Pattern Foundry
Wood, Urethane and metal patterns
Core boxes
2D & 3D CAD and additional electronic formats
Browne & Sharp CMM
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