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You have a new drawing, tooling needs to be developed, or samples need to be made.

Safety and Environmental

The quality of our products is in large part due to the safety of our production environment.  Our emphasis on safety has attracted positive attention.

In May 2007, we received a 2006 Fifth Consecutive Year Gold Award from the North Carolina Department of Labor for the excellence of our cast iron foundry.
  • To qualify for a Gold Award, a company or division must maintain a lost-workday case rate of at least fifty percent below the statewide average for its industrial group.

5-S LogoIn addition, a process called 5-S guides the orderliness and safety of our operations.

5-S is a continuous improvement tool that originated in Japan and is the cornerstone of more expansive tools such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

Named for five Japanese words that begin with the letter "S", 5-S can be described as a housekeeping methodology, but it is much more than that.  5-S is a philosophy for organizing and maintaining the workplace for peak efficiency.  When a workplace is orderly, neat, and operating at peak efficiency, it is better able to produce quality product.  The 5 S's are:
  • Sort- refers to sorting through all items in the workspace and only keeping the essential items.  The rest are discarded or stored away from the primary work area.
  • Set-in-Order - focuses on the need for an orderly workspace.  Workplace organization and layouts are designed to promote better flow.
  • Shine - this means daily cleaning as well as fixing the problems that are causing cleanliness issues in the first place.  Equipment should be brought back to "like new" condition and then maintained that way.
  • Standardize - all work methods and process procedures are documented and performed in a standardized fashion to prevent waste from returning to the workplace.
  • Sustain - maintain the improved workplace and do not allow it to revert back to the old ways of operating.
Environmental Stewardship

Charlotte Pipe meets or exceeds all federal, state and local environmental regulations and standards.
  • Since 1988, we have spent approximately $35 million on environmental improvement projects.
The foundry spends time and money on air, water, and solid waste issues.
  • Air- Charlotte Pipe has proven to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by extensive stack testing that we are under the thresholds of the Maximum Achievable Control Technology regulations.
  • Water- We recycle treated water from both foundry processes and stormwater runoff, and therefore, have dramatically reduced water consumption. Our efforts were recognized when we recently received the Blue Thumb Award from our local water authority for our water conservation efforts.
  • Solid Waste- Charlotte Pipe has joined other U.S. foundries in working with state and local agencies in the beneficial re-use of spent foundry sand for a variety of applications.

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